Yeezy Boost by Kanye West

Yeezy Boost 350 sneakers by Kanye West are undoubtedly an edgy, high demand product. They are already offered in a variety of colors and further variances of colors are offered every few months. Another colorway due to be released is expected in just under two weeks, as well. Yeezy Boost 350 launched in 2015. Since then, many variances of this product have been released by the artist–all in higher demand than […]

Supreme Apparel: Spring and Summer Collection 2016

The world has loved Supreme apparel for decades and the fascination with the company continues to grow with each passing season. Supreme launches some incredibly bold clothes each week, but the public is bursting with excitement at the newly released information pertaining to their spring and summer collection for this year. Supreme recently disclosed when their new collection is launching, who they are in collaboration with, and what the new collection contains. […]

Jordan Sneakers – The Latest News

There’s always a buzz about Jordan sneakers, whether a pair has been recently released or there’s anticipation about an upcoming design. The Jordan line is much adored, and there’s lots of recent events to talk about. Just recently, on February 27th, Air Jordan 12 The Master’s were released, coinciding with the 20 year anniversary of the Jordan brand. Fans waited outside stores to get their shoes, which are all black, […]

Legendary Jordan Sneakers

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players the NBA has ever seen. Jordan has made an unfathomable amount of money and an even bigger name for himself even after he has retired. How does he do this, though? Well, by regularly releasing Jordan sneakers that the public simply cannot get enough of. There are probably thousands of facts pertaining to these beloved kicks, but some of them […]

Jordan Sneakers – A Good Investment, Available in Many Colors

Sure, you could go into your neighborhood sporting goods store and get a pair of Jordan sneakers. And you could go to the toy store next door and get a Matchbox Bentley. So then you’ve got the sneaks and the Bentley, but not exactly the real deal. There are Air Jordans, and then there are the limited edition, only-one-edition, serious Airs that surpass sports collectibles and rival fine art in terms […]