Yeezy Boost 750 Release Date

Get ready for Yeezy mania to begin again! The release date for the most recent Yeezy’s has been announced. A new pair of  Yeezy Boost 750’s will hit select adidas stores on June 11th. This comes not too long after a rumored March 18th release date was said to occur. What’s also exciting is that there’s a new feature that makes it easier than ever to get your hands on […]

Nike VS Adidas

With all of the lawsuits and stolen celebrity endorsements between Nike and adidas, it’s no secret that the two companies don’t get along. Both companies have their advantages and disadvantages over each other. For example, Nike owns 48% of the U.S. footwear market, while adidas’ ownership has been declining every year since 2011; currently, it’s only at 9%. In fact, adidas is the third largest footwear brand in the U.S., […]

The Most Valuable Yeezy

If you’re a Kanye West fan or a sneakerhead, you know how popular Yeezy Boost sneakers are. The coveted shoes sell out in seconds and are nearly impossible to get. What’s worse is that in the resale market, the price of the shoes rises to the thousands. But which shoe is the most valuable and most coveted? It’s tough to say, but comparing the shoes might shed some light on this. […]

Adidas Pure Boost VS Nike Roshe Run

It’s no secret that Nike and Adidas don’t get along. The two companies are serious competitors in the sneaker market. One specific example is the Adidas Pure Boosts vs. the Nike Roshe Runs. Other than Kanye’s popular Yeezy Boost sneakers, the Boost technology, overall, has lent to Adidas becoming relevant again in the sneaker market. With that being said, Adidas Pure Boost was designed and constructed to compete with the Nike Roshe […]

Yeezy Sneakers: New Colorways Keep Popping Up

The anticipation regarding Yeezy Sneakers is always high. But teasing new colorways will only add fuel to the flame, and Kanye West, the mastermind behind the controversial sneakers knows that. Rewind about five years, when Kanye was with Nike, West was quite limited in what he could do with his sneakers. In 2009, West signed the first ever non-athlete sneaker deal with Nike. He released three colorways of the initial “Air […]