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Legendary Jordan Sneakers

Michael Jordan is undoubtedly one of the greatest basketball players the NBA has ever seen. Jordan has made an unfathomable amount of money and an even bigger name for himself even after he has retired. How does he do this, though? Well, by regularly releasing Jordan sneakers that the public simply cannot get enough of. There are probably thousands of facts pertaining to these beloved kicks, but some of them are not popularly known by the public. Below are some interesting facts about the sneakers that have stolen the hearts of millions and some of the most interesting Air Jordans of all time.

Air Jordan Sneakers



  • This shoe line began through Nike in 1984 by the legendary Michael Jordan.
  • Michael Jordan never wore a pair of Nike sneakers a day in his life until he became a designer himself. Before the birth of Air Jordans, the basketball great wore Converse.
  • The first Air Jordans were originally banned as they had non-regulation colors. Jordan ignored this standstill and bestowed upon us the first shoe known as Notorious.
  • In 1989, Jordan released Air Jordan IV Taking Flight. These were the most unusual up until this point as they came in an all black colorway. Of course, the shoe still had the recognized red associated with the Jordans.
  • Air Jordan VIII Strap In was introduced in 1993. This shoe was incredibly unique due to the strap on the side.
  • The Air Jordan X released in 1995 and were called The Legacy Continues. These shoes have a unique, striped sole and are still heavily sought after today.
  • Air Jordan XV Speed of Sound released in 2000 and surely was a millennium shoe. This all black colorway is still incredibly enticing today.
  • Air Jordan XVI was released in 2001 and shocked millions as the colorway of this shoe was gold. The colorway of this shoe is also known to be called ginger. These shoes are bold in not only color but style, as well.
  • In late 2001, the classic Chicago Bulls colors of Jordans changed to a handsome blue color as Jordan began playing for the Washington Wizards.
  • Air Jordan XX3 Number of Greatness sneakers were released in 2008 and were surprisingly elegant sneakers. The pattern of these kicks was like nothing Jordan lovers had seen before. These are still some of the most sought after Jordans today.
  • In 2009, Jordan released Beyond. The name for these sneakers was pretty fitting as the shoes offered an out of this world appearance with silver undertones and bold, black lines.
  • Jordan’s Full Speed Ahead sneakers released in 2010. These shoes have a visible hole in their sides and come in a variety of colorways. The hole is covered, of course. These sneakers are still very interesting and unique.
  • Dare to Fly Jordans were released in 2013 and ditch the traditional laces for a zipper.
  • Retro III Mocha were sneakers that were not an immediate hit, but are among the most popular Jordans today.
  • In 2006, Jordan released a red suede pair of kicks. These shoes are absolutely gorgeous.
  • Air Jordan XXI have a glow in the dark message on the soles which makes them incredibly irresistible.

While there appear to be thousands of types of Jordans, the hype affiliated with each pair is not something to forget. These shoes are as legendary as their creator and the anticipation had by the fans is simply incredible. Jordan releases some new sneakers every month that are just as appealing as the dozens before them. The basketball great has satisfied his fans for decades both on and off the court with his skills, apparel, and certainly those beloved shoes. Jordan has released some incredible shoes in just under three months this year and will continue to do so every month.

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