Nike VS Adidas

Nike VS AdidasWith all of the lawsuits and stolen celebrity endorsements between Nike and adidas, it’s no secret that the two companies don’t get along.

Both companies have their advantages and disadvantages over each other. For example, Nike owns 48% of the U.S. footwear market, while adidas’ ownership has been declining every year since 2011; currently, it’s only at 9%. In fact, adidas is the third largest footwear brand in the U.S., but this doesn’t make much of a difference because of how much of the market Nike controls.

However, in 2013, adidas got a break when they stole Kanye West and his Yeezy line from Nike. Additionally, Kanye’s sales increased when he signed with adidas. Kanye claimed he left Nike because they didn’t appreciate his creativity, they didn’t pay him enough, and because he felt that they didn’t respect him as a designer; big win for adidas.

The New Technology

Additionally, adidas now uses their popular Boost technology, which in addition to Kanye West, is credited to making the shoe manufacturer relevant again. This technology is popular among athletes as it’s proven to enhance performance. When running, the shoe gives back what the runner puts in. This is accomplished through tiny foam pellets called energy capsules that are incorporated throughout the midsole of the shoe. The shoe also accomplishes this by mimicking what the foot does when in motion. It’s basic science that improves performance and is equally just as stylish in the colorways and designs released by adidas.

What’s more is that in 2013, adidas released their Pure Boost technology and in 2014, their Ultra Boost. The two styles have been dubbed shoe of the year and the best running shoe out there. It doesn’t hurt that Kanye West has also been spotted wearing the shoes.

What this competes with is Nike’s Flyknit technology. This incorporates a type of knitting from yarn and various fabric variations that provides for a light, performance-enhancing fit. The fit has been described as featherweight, formfitting, with a seamless upper. With all the elements the shoes incorporate, the upper and tongue combined weigh just 34 grams (1.2 ounces).

This is the equivalent to adidas’ Boost technology. What’s even more interesting is that Nike is still selling their Yeezy shoes to the public. What’s the difference between the Nike and adidas Yeezy? Which one is better?

Nike or Adidas?

Truthfully, there’s no major difference between the Nike Yeezy and the adidas Yeezy. They both consist of breathable fabric, are light-weight, and made from knitted materials. Truthfully, it might just depend on which shoe you like the best. Adidas’ Yeezy shoes do seem to be selling better, however.

One possible reason for the success of the adidas Yeezy shoes could be because of the popularity surrounding Kanye West and the Kardashians. Now that he’s married to Kim, both her and her family members have been seen all over the place sporting the popular shoes. This opens up his product to, not only his fans, but the Kardashian fans as well. It also makes the shoes popular among females because all of the popular female Kardashian and Jenner icons have been seen wearing them. Adidas Yeezy happens to be more relevant at the moment.

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