Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier. All The Reasons You Should Cop!

Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier. All The Reasons You Should Cop!

History of Supreme Collaborations

Supreme is without a doubt the streetwear brand with a record number of collaborations. Joining forces with Artists, fashion houses, and fellow brands from the industry. Supreme never ceases to bring more hype and value into this game. And this season, one collaboration that will add to the brand’s infinite desirability is the Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier collab.

Now after 25 years of great partnerships, here’s what we thought were the top, coolest, and most profitable Supreme collabs ever.

The Top 25 Supreme Collaborations in The Brand’s 25 Years of Existence

Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier

A new collaboration that should be on that list is the upcoming Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier Collab. This pack will feature around 17 different items, including printed denim jackets and pants, a faux fur coat with Gaultier signature print lining, and floral Vans Chukkas and Eras. One item that really catches the eye is the bomber jacket with an integrated backpack, dropping in grey, black and brown. In addition, you’ll get the chance at copping Supreme’s take on the brand’s signature perfume ‘Le Male’.

Now, as with every week, one item gets the most love and votes. This time it’s the Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier Tee. Well, with the big price tags on the rest of the items, the tee ($58) is the most pocket-friendly, and thus probably the most profitable if flipped.

Other than the collaborative pieces, you have the usual Supreme-exclusive items. These will include sweaters, hats, shirts, and the very cool power drill pin.

Supreme Jean Paul Gaultier Tee

Supreme Resale as a Business

Thanks to the ever-increasing hype of the brand, reselling Supreme has become a go-to option for all those wishing to make some easy, and quick cash. Of course, following the right instructions.

On average a Supreme tee can make you anywhere between 100% and 3900% profit for the Bogos. And if you don’t think this number is very accurate, check for yourself. And with this week’s tee being co-branded with Jean Paul Gaultier, you really can’t miss out. So make sure your Supreme Bot is updated and running. And if you still don’t have one, check out our Supreme bot, one of the top bots in the game.

Supreme Resale Prices: The Reason You Must Cop at Retail

You can expect this pack to drop this Thursday, April 11, 2019. And as for the keywords, keep it locked to our blog as we’ll have them posted there ASAP. Good luck copping!

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