Supreme Keywords & Early Links (FW17 – Week 19 – 28/12/2017)

It is well known that Supreme hype is always strong with each release, so we prepared Supreme bot instructions, keywords and early links for you.

DISCLAIMER: We did our best to make sure those keywords are correct. We are not responsible if they did not work well.

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Supreme instructions with keywords (FW17 – Week 19- 28/12/2017)

First of all, be sure to update to the latest version of the bot:
Help -> Check for Updates

IMPORTANT: Keep checking for an update every few hours and keep an eye on our Twitter and on the “Supreme Release Setup” button for any updates.

This bot works on JP, US, & UK. You should have US IP for Supreme US, JP IP for Supreme JP, and UK IP for Supreme UK.

Keep a close eye on all tasks. Stop any task if there are card processing error: Wrong card number, insufficient balance etc.
Do not keep the bot open and leave it, stop all tasks when you want to leave your computer.

1.   You need to begin with preparing the accounts you want to use:
•    Select Supreme Site from the drop-down list.
•    Enter your Email as Supreme1.. ( make sure you change it for every account. i.e: Supreme2, Supreme3 etc.. ) and Password as Supreme.
•    input “xxx” in Positive KW (Twitter is disabled for this version, we will be enabling it in future updates).
•    Enter the wanted Size – as shown on website ( For NO size products enter “onesize” without quotes )
•    Important note about sizing: For any numeric sizing, please add 1 to the size that you want. example: if you want size 30, you should use 31 in the bot.
•    Input keywords in Page Monitor (check instructions below)
•    Specify Notification Email or Text # (optional).
•    Click “Add”.

2.   Repeat these steps for all accounts you want to use then click “Create Tasks”.

3.  You may now manage the billing info for the accounts you added if you want to use the Credit Card Auto Checkout function. You can access them by selecting a task and clicking “Manage Billing Of Task” Or by right-clicking the task and selecting “Manage Billing”.

  • Enter “US” in Country for Supreme US, “JP” for Supreme JP, and “GB” for Supreme UK.
  • Using Auto Checkout with Paypal will NOT work for Supreme.
  • If you have Auto Checkout enabled (Manage Billing), the task will attempt to checkout immediately after the item is added to cart, if it fails (due to website crash) it will keep retrying until the payment is submitted.
  • Use the same billing info of your Credit Card as shipping and billing address inside the bot.
  • UPDATED Checkout Delay (VERY IMPORTANT): Please check this updated tutorial on how to set a checkout delay. This is needed to avoid any ghost/fake checkouts.

4.   Now after you’re done preparing all Tasks you may click “Start All Tasks” according to the below:

  • US: Start the bot 1 minute-3 minutes before the release.
  • UK: Start the bot 30 seconds-2 minutes before the release.
  • JP: Start the bot 30 seconds-2 minutes before the release.

5. For Captcha solving services harvesting, you just need to have your client ID in “Configure > Settings > Misc Settings” for it to work.

6. Increase the number of proxies in Monitor Proxies (at least 25) and Normal Proxies (at least 1 per task) to increase your chances for copping more Items.

7. [NEW] You can use manual captcha solver for supreme! Check this tutorial to see how.

8. [NEW] Check this new tutorial on how to create tasks for SupremeMobile.


Proxies should be used if you’re getting blocked by Supreme or just want to be safer. Proxy support is enabled by default in the bot. You have to add proxies to these 2 places:
1.    In “Configure > Proxies” > then input proxies in “Normal Proxies” field. (check this tutorial if you don’t know how to insert them)
2.   Go to Configure > Proxies > then input proxies in “Monitor Proxies” field. (check this tutorial if you don’t know how to insert them)
P.S: We recommend to put at least 25 proxies in the “Monitor Proxies” field.

Page monitor & Keywords (read carefully):

To use page monitor you have to enter the name of the item, the color, and the category in this format:

For example, if we want:
-Bar Logo 5 Panel Black color which is from hats category we enter:
-Berry Tee Bright Yellow color which is from t-shirts we enter:


  • In case there is no color in keywords just leave the color empty, so the format will look like this: keyword1&keyword2CCCCCCcategory
  • You can also use “random” (without quotes) for color and the bot will pick a random color when adding to cart.
  • You can use “random” (without quotes) for the size too (to pick a random size).
  • For items without size use “onesize” without quotes.

Supreme Keywords (28/12/2017)





Keyword: Small&Box&Zip&Up&Sweatshirt

Colors: Red, White, Grey, Black, Olive, Pink, Navy, Pulm, Orange

Category:  Sweatshirts









Keyword: Decline&Hooded&Sweatshirt

Colors: Orange, Cardinal, Royal. Black, Grey, Lime

Category:  Sweatshirts









Keyword: Nepali&Earflap&Beanie

Colors: White, Orange, Black

Category:  Hats











Keyword: Leopard&Fleece&Earflap&Camp&Cap

Colors: Red, White, Gold

Category:  Hats








Keyword: Sled


Category:  accessories











Keyword: Cash&Paperweight


Category:  accessories





1912e4022cbc4c35877c3a09b124adb8_sqr (1)



Keyword: Logo&Scarf

Colors: Red, Sulphur, Black, Pink

Category:  accessories







The information is not 100% confirmed but we did our best to guess everything.

Good Luck!

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